No. 2

The dude in the Coliseum parking lot holding a Negra Modelo bottle in his right hand and a Schlitz malt liquor can in his left – and rocking baggy jeans and a white JaMarcus Russell jersey. He wasn’t the only one displaying his No. 2 with pride, by the way – but he was definitely my favorite. What kind of statement is that guy making? Is he being ironic? Is he simply trying to get as much wear as he can out of an expensive replica jersey? Or perhaps he’s saying to his fellow members of Raider Nation, “Yo, I’m still with JaMarcus. If we’d given the kid a chance, he’d have been a great one.” I don’t know the answer. But whatever it is, it’s awesome.

Quelle: Michael Silver/Sektion Two Things I can’t comprehend.

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